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Dive site name: Stingray City

Location: Grand Cayman/North Sound
Date of dive:
Profile: 12ft/40min
Visibility: 80ft (20m)
Type of dive: Reef Dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability level: Novice

Dive operator used: Red Sail Sports


Grand Cayman's most famed dive! There are actually two stingray cities, both can be dived. Whether you dive one or the other, it doesn't really matter. Both are home to large numbers of wild Southern Stingrays, which over the years have grown accustomed to being fed by divers. Yellow tail snappers are always on the prowl for a free meal, so watch your fingers! Anyone visiting Grand Cayman would be crazy to miss this great dive/snorkel. Keep an eye open for "Psycho", the monstrous green eel that'll sometimes join in on the fun.

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