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Dive site name: Tarpon Alley

Location: Grand Cayman/North wall
Date of dive:
Profile: 100ft/30min
Visibility: 100ft (30m)
Type of dive: Wall dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability level: Intermediate
Dive operator used: Red Sail Sports


Located on the North Wall just to the side of the cut for Stingray city. Being able to dive Tarpon Alley can sometimes be a rarity. Because the site is situated close to one of the cuts of the North Sound, the dive site can often be clouded over with murky water from the Sound. Expect to see large schools of eerie looking Tarpon that move like a large curtain, opening and closing as you swim by. Eagle rays are fairly common out on the main wall. Once up in the shallows, the sandy areas are often a good place to see the famous Southern Stingrays of Grand Cayman. Keep an eye open a lonely Greater Hammerhead.

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