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Scuba dive Turks and Caicos

Dive site name: The Anchor

Location: Providenciales/West Caicos
Date of dive: July 2006
Profile: 100ft
Visiblity: 85ft (24m)
Type of dive: Wall dive
Dive site rating:

Dive operator used: Caicos Adventures


The mooring is set slightly in from the wall at a depth of around 40'. It's a wonderful swim to the wall over scattered coral heads and pillar coral which extend from mooring out to the wall. If you follow the line of pillar coral it'll take you straight to the entrance of a narrow groove in wall which begins at 50'-55' and exits at 85' out over the wall. A coral and sponge encrusted Portuguese/Spanish anchor is wedged in the groove. The best way to see the anchor is to turn around once you have exited and look back. This site is also home to a white and red frog fish. Other marine life on the dive include reef shark, eagle rays, turtles and lobsters.

Review courtesy of:
Richard Moniz, OWSI

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